New South Wales Postcard Collectors Society Inc.

Welcome to this Website for collectors and other lovers of Postcards, Cigarette and Trade cards and many other forms of ephemera and paper collectibles.  While based in Sydney, Australia  the New South Wales Postcard Collectors Society Inc has members throughout Australia.

For details of Membership Fees and to apply for Membership or to renew Membership CLICK HERE

The Society’s  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING FOR 2020 will be held at
at a time and place to be advised

The agenda for the Society’s 2020 AGM and the call for nominations of Office Bearers to be elected at that meeting  will be available when  ready by CLICKiING HERE

We have now set up a Facebook page to assist fellow collectors keep up with our activities, to communicate with others about cards and collecting, and seek information and knowledge about cards, publishers, artists, etc etc. To reach that page CLICK  HERE

The Society normally holds three great fairs a year at the Imar Community Hall, 2a Fitzroy St Croydon. (For location  CLICK HERE) from 9.00am to 2.00 pm, at which there are literally tens of thousands of cards (cigarette and trade cards as well as postcards), old books and magazines, stamps and postal history, items of ephemera and other collectibles for sale- many of which are now 100 years or more old!    To see some items that have been found at one of our past Fairs  CLICK HERE.

N.B Also, if you have any of the above you would like to sell, or learn what they might be worth, bring them along and show them to the dealers in the hall

The Dates for the Society’s  Postcard and Small Collectibles Fairs during 2020 are:

                               Sunday 23 February

Sunday 24 May

           Sunday 22 November

Please note: there will be no fair in August.

 You might be lucky enough to find, enjoy and buy cards like these


Circular Quay Morning Peak Hour activity in mid 30's

NSW Postcard Collectors Society Inc.
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The Society also has a regular informative and entertaining Bulletins, two postal auctions a year (currently in suspension pending the identification of a willing volunteer to conduct them) and periodic committee meetings at which all members are welcome to attend as observers.

Postcards, Cigarette and Trade cards:

  • depict almost every aspect of human activity, endeavor and interest
  •  provide vivid and often attractive  images of great relevance to a very wide range of people with interests as diverse as local history, military and naval history, Australiana, advertising, sports such as cricket or football, art nouveau, entertainment, ethnography, anthropology, railways, shipping, aviation, fantasy, children’s art, animals and birds (both domestic and wild), glamour, humour, rural life and traditional industries such as timber, mining, wheat and wool, fine arts, crafts
  • are keenly sought by those interested in particular countries and regions of the world (from very large and famous cities to remote and isolated islands).
  • provide wonderful examples of a very wide range of graphic art and its techniques over more than 100 years
  •  provide philatelists with rare and highly collectable postmarks and (occasionally) valuable stamps.

A selection of images depicted upon cards and ephemera collected by members of the Society are showcased below to illustrate the range and depth of interests of collectors of these wonderful “pieces of old paper”. To see the other items which have previously been showcased  CLICK HERE

Harbour Bridge under Construction. 1930

Harbour Bridge under Construction. 1930

Sydney Harbour Bridge under construction.

This real photo postcard depicts the progress made in constructing the bridge which had been made by October 1930. It also depicts one of Australia’s few warships of the time: HAMS Canberra. The card has a ‘Kodak’ back. It was … Continue reading

L’Australie. By Lieberg

L’Australie. By Lieberg

A Liebig Trade card from the L'Australie series

This is one of 6 cards in one of the hundreds of  sets of cards produced and distributed by the Liebig company, largely in Europe, to promote the sales of a meat extract paste manufactured by that company. The card … Continue reading

“Refreshments” by Ida Outhwaite

“Refreshments” by Ida Outhwaite

"Refreshments" by Ida Outhwaite.

This is one of 6 cards published in Series 71 by A&C Black of London in the early 1930s. The image origionally appeared in a Children’s book entitled “The Enchanted Forest”. Ida Outhwaite, nee Rentoul, was born in Australia and, … Continue reading