Minutes (unconfirmed) of 2014 Annual General Meeting

Minutes: NSW Post Card Society Inc Annual General Meeting 2014
Date & Time: Wednesday 6th August 2014 start 1943hrs end 2030hrs
Place: Philas House 17 Brisbane Street Sydney
Attendees: Des Beechey; Patrick Bousseton; Jeff Fitzgerald; Joelle Girard; Neil Litchfield; Robert Mills; Maureen Pollard; Ron Pollard; Tim Tulk; John Sumner; Plus one visitor
1. Apologies :    Derek Moore, Bruce Parker and Caroline Miller.
2. Approval of the minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting
Minutes accepted after motion was put forward and seconded.
3. Approval of financial report FY2013-2014
Treasurer Girard presented report. In answer to a question, Treasurer Girard explained that the cost shown for the new PO boxes was for two years in FY 2013. Report was accepted after motion was put forward and seconded. The meeting unanimously expressed its appreciation to Treasurer Girard and to Ron and Maureen Pollard for assisting Treasurer Girard to complete her first Treasurer’s report.
4. Reports from Committee and from Office Bearers
Ron Pollard (bulletin): Ron always needs articles for the Bulletin. He will continue his articles regarding WW1.
Jeff Fitzgerald (Facebook/ Website): The Facebook Page gets little attention. While it currently has 48 likes, it appears that few of our members find it a useful way to communicate. The Society’s website gets considerably more attention, averaging approximately 22 visits per day mostly from the people in the Sydney region who remain on the site for 1 ½ mins a visit and consult two pages on average. Discussion ensued regarding how to make Facebook work better for the Society. Member Neil
Litchfield stated that Society could use advertising in the lead up to Fairs to generate interest and attendance at the NSW PCS fairs and collecting postcards in general. Neil has cards he will post on the Facebook page prior to the next fair. Member Boussseton stated the Facebook page needs to become more dynamic.
Patrick and Neil to work together to generate a better Facebook page.
Tim Tulk (Fairs): Imar Hall will be the NSW PCS fair venue for the remainder of this year and the Society hopes to continue to hold Fairs at Imar Hall in 2015.

5. Election of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Officer and 3 Committee Members .
John Sumner held one proxy vote.

All positions held from FY 2014 were vacated and the following members were nominated,
seconded and accepted the following positions in FY 2015:
President  Tim Tulk
Vice President   Jeff Fitzgerald
Secretary   Joelle Girard
Treasurer    Joelle Girard
Public Officer   Des Beechey
Elected Committee Members: Des Beechey, Patrick Bousseton and  Ron Pollard
6. Membership Fees for 2015-16
To remain at current amounts.
7. Receive and consider the statement to members required by s.26 (6) of the Associations  Incorporation Act.
Statement was presented to the meeting by Treasurer Girard and was signed by Ron Pollard and Joelle Girard.
8. Other Business.
Special mention and thanks was given to the hard work and great help provided to NSW PCS by our outgoing President John Sumner. John will still man the NSW PCS table at our Fairs and continue to help the Society.
Tim Tulk stated that a few members were asking when NSW PCS will return to hold Fairs at Petersham Town Hall. The Society acknowledges that Petersham Town Hall was a good venue to hold our Fairs however Imar Hall is rated just as highly by members and vendors and Imar Hall is a better option financially. The Society will continue to negotiate with the owners of Imar Hall to confirm our Fairs will be held there in 2015.
Joelle Girard
(Secretary NSW PCS)

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