Planned improved methods for members to communicate with other members.

At the most recent Committee meeting of the Society, two exciting potential innovations to assist support members who wish to share knowledge, enthusiasm and cards were discussed with considerable enthusiasm.

The first of these was to assist interest/discussion groups to form and meet periodically. The idea is for collectors with similar or overlapping collecting interests (e.g. collectors of theatre-related cards and ephemera) to make arrangements to meet during Fairs, or otherwise! The possibilities are limited only by the categories of collecting! If you are interested in exploring this possibility, Committee member Neil Litchfield will be at the Fair on Sunday 25 August to facilitate the formation of such groups and discuss any ideas or suggestions members might have about how to make them work effectively for members. Niel will be available from time to time  throughout the Fair in a clearly identified location. If you wish to contact  Neil you can do so by emailing Neil Litchfield .

The second idea is to use the website, and related technology to enable members to communicate on line with other members about collecting interests, issues,and opportunities. Facebook offers one pretty simple and potentially useful possibility. There are others that we will be happy to explore if enough members would be interested. Neil Litchfield has also offered to discuss this with members, as have Committee members Des Beechey and Jeff FitzGerald. If you are interested in this possibility, please see one of us at the August Fair or send one of us an email by clicking on one of our names in blue just above.

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