Fairs & Meetings

The Dates for the Society’s Postcard and Collectibles Fairs during 2018 are:

Sunday 25 February

Sunday 27 May

Sunday 19 August

Sunday 25 November

The fairs are held at  the  IMAR Community Hall. 2a Fitzroy St Croydon (very close to the Croydon Railway station).  In addition to vintage and modern postcards, there will also be a range of other paper collectibles such as old books, magazines and brochures, Trade Cards, Cigarette Cards, and philately. Entrance is free, and great morning tea, lunch and other refreshments are available. With any luck you might find cards like these:

1908 US Fleet Visit

1908 US Fleet Visit


At each Fair,  dealers offer thousands of postcards (ranging from over 100 years old to moderns), books and ephemera and small collectables for sale on a wide range of popular subjects and themes: views of Early Sydney, N.S.W, Australian and foreign towns and cities, glamour and fashion, artist signed (e.g Norman

"Refreshments" by Ida Outhwaite.

“Refreshments” by Ida Outhwaite.

Lindsay, J.A Turner, and Neville Cayley), transport (including shipping, aviation, railways trams etc), social history, sport (including cricket, horse racing, golf and football), military, ethnic, famous people, advertising, theater, sports, architecture, historical events, royalty, fantasy, comic cards, etc… There are usually a good number of cards and some other postal items from overseas countries including the UK, Germany, France, Italy etc, China, and other Asian countries, and the Middle East and Africa. There are usually a good number of postcards with postmarks and other markings relevant to postal history collectors.

To see a sample of items that “exchanged hands” at a  Society Fair  CLICK HERE

Advice on card-collecting and estimates of value is available from Society members.

A delicious range of food and refreshments is available and served in a setting conducive to friendly conversations with fellow collectors. The Society encourages groups of members with common collecting interests to meet at the Fairs, and may be able to make a suitable space, tables, and chairs available if the Fair Coordinator is contacted in advance. The Fairs are a great place to meet and converse with other collectors and dealers, and to get some idea of what is involved in the hobby of collecting cards and other paper ephemera and its joys and challenges.

Any member may book a table at a Fair to sell duplicates or surplus cards by contacting the Fair Coordinator

THE SCENE AT A RECENT FAIR   The Society’s  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING FOR 2017 was held on 2 AUGUST  AT PHILAS HOUSE17 Brisbane Street, Sydney.

To see the agenda for that meeting when it has been settled CLICK HERE 

The Society’s 2018  COMMITTEE MEETINGS will be held at 7.30 pm at Philas House,

17 Brisbane Street, Sydney


  • 6 February 2017
  • 1 May 2017
  • 7  August 2017
  • 6 November 2017